Case Results

  • Awarded Custody Modification of Custody Orders

    Our client’s ex wife was abusing alcohol around their child and placing her in danger.

    The judge awarded us custody and placed strict visitation limitations on the mother.

  • Case Dismissed Felony DWI Case

    Our client was alleged to have driven while intoxicated with a child passenger.

    We successfully pointed out a mistake the arresting officer made leading to suppression of evidence and a complete dismissal of the charges.

  • Not Guilty Sexual Assault and Felony Assault

    Sexual Assault (Two Counts) and Felony Assault Family Violence by Strangulation.

    Our client was alleged to have sexually assaulted his wife and choked her. He gave a coerced confession.

    We went to a jury trial and received a NOT GUILTY on all counts.

  • Not Guilty Misdemeanor Assault

    Our client was charged with fighting with his brother in law.

    We went to a jury trial and received a NOT GUILTY.

  • Joint Custody Divorce Case

    Our client’s ex wife alleged that our client was abusive and was not letting him visit with his children.

    We were able to achieve Joint Custody with full visitation rights for our client.

  • Application Denied Protective Order Application

    Our client’s former partner filed a protective order against her alleging she had abused their daughter and shouldn’t be allowed around her.

    We had a contested evidentiary hearing in front of the Court and the Judge DENIED their application.